Microfinance is one of the emerging financial service, aimed at reaching to the lower income group of people to participate in the business growth and help in stabilizing the nation’s economy. The more the freedom to earning people, the better a nation would be proceeding towards development. Many developing nations have now adapted to this … [Read more…]

Workings of microfinance

Poverty is the major problem faced by all the developing countries. All these countries face the problems of the gender and economic inequality, rich and poor divide, higher crime rate, illiteracy, etc. The key to finding a solution to eradicate these issues lies in offering equal opportunity to everyone. Involve all the segment of people … [Read more…]

Risks in IPO Investment

Risks and rewards are common in every industry. But, choosing how and where we expect and anticipate the risks and reward is most important. Doing our bit of research and working towards our goals is most important when it deals with finances. IPO, aka Initial Public Offering, is a policy or an activity undertaken by … [Read more…]

What Are Your Different Options While Seeking Microfinance?

Microfinance is generally targeted for the economically backward class to support them financially. The different types of microfinance and micro-credit options include availing small loans, small credits, savings, insurance policies, and others. These can be availed depending on the person’s objective and intended outcome. This article details out some of the different options and microfinance … [Read more…]

How to sell your Business

Selling a business need not stem from financial troubles but as successful entrepreneurs and businessmen will tell you, one must let go when the liquidity is high because there are always new opportunities and chances for growth. The longer you hold on to a business the greater the risk of losing everything. Do you know … [Read more…]